Proper Kidney Stone Diet Helps Cure Kidney Stones without Operation

As the constant work pressure was not enough to take away energy from life, the growth of diseases has given us more reasons to add depression in lives. The increase in diseases like cancer, AIDS and likewise has raised questions on the way we live our lives. Along with the mentioned, kidney stones is one problem that is seen in a large number of people these days.

Almost everyone knows someone that is suffering from the problem of kidney stones. Though, the problem of kidney stone is curable, it is important that the patient takes necessary precautions and well balanced kidney stone diet. Once you confirm that you have a problem of kidney stones, it is important for you to implement a proven diet if order to avoid any escalation in your condition.

A specific diet is recommended by the doctors that will give you all the nutrients that you will require in order to manage your kidney stones and prevent yourself in progression. This diet is a must follow for people who are suffering from kidney stones or want chronic kidney failure diet.
Doctors even claim that the stones in the kidney can be cured with proper diet if the size of the stones is not big. Add below mentioned kidney stone diet plan in your schedule and pass kidney stones without pain or operation.

People who are on a diet to cure kidney stones are restricted from eating foods that are rich in calcium such as daily products

It is also important for the patient to balance the oxalates within the body

Make sure to also limit the intake of your foods such as nuts, beets, rhubarb, spinach, strawberries, team wheat bean and chocolates

Also, make sure not to exceed the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C because there is a possibility that it might increase the urinary oxalate excretion

Keep in mind that you also need to regulate your intake of animal protein to 1g/kg body weight if you are on kidney stone or chronic kidney failure diet.

Limit your salt and sodium intake to 100 mEq/dll or less

Higher intake of fruits and vegetables each day will be very beneficial for your health. Make sure to have at least five or more servings of fruits and vegetables
The best way to purify your body is by increasing the fluid intake of the body> water is essential to this type of diet and it is important to excrete at least 2 liters of urine every day in order to remain healthy.

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