What You Should Know About Keloids Treatment

What You Should Know About Keloids Treatment

Keloids are hard heaped-up scars that suddenly rise over a section of the skin. These scars are soft on the peak with an uneven form and a purple or pink color. Keloids progressively enlarge and do not subside over time. Keloids are unevenly formed and have a tendency to expand with time. Unlike scars, these skin wounds do not vanish over time.

The major dilemma with keloids is that they don’t stop expanding into flesh that hasn’t been healed. Most usual scars are likely to fade away with time. However, keloids vanish only after treatment. According to a few studies, people with darker skin tend to develop keloid more frequently than those with lighter skin tone.

What are the causes of a Keloid?

A few injuries leading to the creation of keloid scars are mentioned below:Insect bitesBurnsCutsPiercing like ear piercing or navel piercingVaccinationAcneChicken poxDiagnosisA doctor diagnoses this particular skin problem by appearance, outer shell and a history of going through body piercing, acne, and surgery. In some cases, the physician may take out a tiny portion of the skin to inspect with a microscope. The procedure is called a biopsy.


This skin condition may keep on developing slowly for weeks and years. They ultimately discontinue growing. However, they don’t vanish lastingly with time. It needs a professional treatment to remove it permanently.

How to Prevent ?

Individuals who are likely to grow keloids easily should keep away from cosmetic surgery. In case, surgery is essential for these people, physicians take a few special safety measures to reduce the creation of keloids at the place of the cut.


Two or more combined treatments are practiced for removing the scar completely. These treatments include:


Surgery needs great care and concern, keloids that come back after being eradicated may be larger in shape than earlier. In around 45% of people, it has the possibility of returning after getting removed with a surgical procedure.


According to studies, injury covers prepared with silicone gel sheets decrease the size and shape of keloids with time. It’s a painless and secure formula.

Radiation Therapy

The technique is quite controversial as radiation is known for increasing the chances of cancer. This therapy may decrease scar creation if it is used just after a surgical procedure, throughout the healing duration.

Corticosteroid Injections

Corticosteroid injections are normally repeated at a period of 3 to 6 weeks. This method can often decrease keloid shape and pain.

Laser Remedy

This technique is a substitute for usual surgical treatment for keloid elimination. There is no reports and confirmation that keloids are less expected to re-appear post laser treatment than after conventional surgery.

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