Low Cost HIFU for Prostate cancer Treatment in India

Prostate cancer is a cancerous growth in the cells of the prostate gland. It is the third most common cause of death from cancer in men of all ages and it is most prevalent in men over 75 years of age. Prostate cancer is seldom found in men younger than 40.
Causes of Prostate Cancer
* Men who are older than 60
* Family history of Prostate cancer
* Excessive alcohol consumption
* High fat diet, particularly animal fat
* Exposure to cadmium and other radiations.
Prostate Cancer Symptoms
The symptoms listed below can occur with prostate cancer but these symptoms are caused by other prostate problems also, so a proper diagnosis should be carried before confirmation of the disease.
* Tardy start and a slow urinary stream that causes strain while urinating. And one might not be able to empty out all of the urine at a time.
* Dribbling or leakage of urine even after urinating.
* Discharge of blood in urine or semen
* Pain in lower back and pelvic bones (only when the cancer has spread)
One of the most well-known cancer treatments available is high intensity focused ultrasound or HIFU for prostate cancer treatment in India. This updated technology helps men by removing cancerous tissue on the prostate and around it via an advanced acoustic ablation technique using ultrasound wave powers. The area where the cancer is forming is targeted via sound waves enabling HIFU to raise the tissue’s temperature, causing the tissue to break down, thus eliminating the cancer.

Many physicians recommend it for prostate cancer treatment in India because of the limited harmful side effects also because of the precision and control linked with HIFU, other side effects common to other prostate cancer treatments, including incontinence and erectile dysfunction are greatly reduced. The whole HIFU procedure often takes only three hours and a few hours after the procedure is over, men are able to go home. Minimal anaesthesia is utilized during this process to lower the level of discomfort men may feel with the rectal probe.

It does not use radiation and is considered non-ionizing. This simple means that the this treatment may be utilized on more than one occasion if necessary without causing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Because of this fact, many cancer physicians utilize it for prostate cancer treatment in India if they find little success with other treatment options. Sonablate 500 is a very well known HIFU system utilized in many hospitals and clinics. Controlled via a computer, the Sonablate 500 delivers HIFU energy toward the prostate using a rectal probe. This action is set to eliminate all tissue in the area that has been affected by cancer. The Sonablate 500 utilizes integrated biplanar ultrasound imaging, offering real-time monitoring and planning of the treatment as well as before and after images of the prostate and the infected area.

This system can be compared to the concept of focusing the rays of the sun through any magnifying lens. Accurate focusing of the ultrasound energy is provided by this. This focusing of the ultrasound energy increases the affected tissue’s temperature in the targeted area. This is done very rapidly while all unaffected tissue in the area remains safe and does not increase in temperature. The surgeon, when the procedure is over, is able to monitor the precise wound located in the target area. However, before this can occur, first the surgeon creates a plan to locate all the infected tissue areas.

Numerous surgeons recommend to it for prostate cancer treatment in India because it offers high imaging resolution. This enables surgeons to efficiently identify the vital structures in the area, including the recta wall, neurovascular bundles and determining vesicles. This guarantees that only cancer-affected areas are targeted and no unnecessary damage occurs.

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