'Listen' to What Your Eyes Say about Your Health

Your vision may be 20/20, but you ought to still look into paying your eye doctor in Arizona a regular visit. Our eyes can tell something about our health condition mainly because it is the only area in our body where we primarily eye-care specialists, can look at veins and arteries even without the use of cameras or without the need to do surgery. It is for this logical reason that they can conveniently detect signs and symptoms for specific diseases. In the following paragraphs are some of these:

High Blood Pressure

Some people have no idea that they are presently suffering from hypertension. They’re undergoing the signs and symptoms but who will tell them that those are correlated to the condition unless they do observetheir blood pressure every time or regularly? Why will they have the thought to go to a physician if they believe that these actual symptoms of high blood pressure are just a simple case of headache, dizziness and others? If only they’re consulting with an eye-care professional on a regular basis, they will know that they have this condition. The apparent signs are silver- or copper colored arteries in the eyes.

Thyroid Disease

You may have thyroid disease if you have bulging eyes. Some individuals view this as a family trait when the truth may be that tissues around your eyes swell due to the unusual levels of thyroid hormone. So always be inquisitive or wary about the changes that happenin your eyes.

Liver Disease

If your eyes are yellow, this suggests that that you already have weak vision. Instead of seeing things visibly, you see them foggy. Well, this is what you are made to think, but yellow eyes can be a sign that you have liver disease, which include cirrhosis and hepatitis, as this can make the scleras yellow. This happens when the bilirubin, a compound formed by the breaking of hemoglobin, is amassing or has accumulated.


An excessive amount exposure to sunlight can harm not only your skin but as well as your eyeball. It can increase your risk of developing eye melanoma, which may seem to look like a mole in the inner layer of the eye. Early diagnosis is significant for this condition as the cancer can spread immediately to the nearby tissues.

Brain Tumor or Neuromuscular Disease

When you start to have droopy eyelid, you already think that this is only normal because it’s a sign of aging. However, there are some instances when this can be a symptom for neuromuscular disease or brain tumor.

You should see your eye doctor in Arizona regularly. He will not only assist you take care of your eyes, your vision. He can also detect possible health conditions through some abnormalities or changes that he can actuallysee in your eyes. He can therefore contribute a lot in the early diagnosis, as well as early treatment, of your disease. Without a doubt, he will also advise you to consult with another medical expert.

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