Announcing the Launch of The CaregiverSurvival Network Website

Announcing the Launch of The Caregiver’s Survival Network Website
Founded by Adrienne Gruberg, The Caregiver Survival Network (CGSN) is the only online community dedicated exclusively to the welfare of caregivers of any and all physical or mental debility, from Alzheimer’s to cancer to autism to bereavement.
The list of caregiver services transcends disease, age, length of illness, and income.
CGSN is a free social network that offers a robust venue for caregivers to share experiences, find critical resources, minimize and cope with stress, and effectively combat the isolation and exhaustion of providing chronic care through a personal network of peers who are always available.
CGS Network, Inc. is currently seeking sponsors relevant to healthcare to help generate expo- sure and/or fund the administration and expanded functionality of the website.
The website address is:
About Adrienne Gruberg
Born in New York City in 1948, Adrienne Gruberg refers to herself as “one of the millions of baby-boomers now in the middle of the caregiving crisis.”
Shortly after graduating from Boston University School of Fine Arts, Adrienne spent time in Liberia, West Africa, helping to set up a study for the New York Blood Center to discover the serum for Hepatitis B. She has worked at NBC Network in the business affairs department of the programming division, and later founded Adrienne Youngstein& Associates – an award winning graphic design, marketing, advertising and branding company in New York City. With the encouragement and coaching of her future husband, Steve Gruberg, she became a contestant on the popular TV game show “$ 20,000 Pyramid” and won the Grand Prize.
Adrienne became a constant caregiver to both her husband, diagnosed with lung cancer in 2005, and his mother, who at the age of ninety in 2007, was diagnosed with lymphoma and went to live with her son and daughter-in-law in New York City. As a result of this crisis, she is the proud Founder and President of The Caregiver’s Survival Network.
At present, Adrienne is also Owner and President of Cable Access Network in New York City, producers of both local cable shows and content for streaming video outlets. She also owns a television studio in midtown Manhattan, TV Studio, Inc., where she will be producing content for CGSN–the “spin-off” streaming video channel of the new website.

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