Cell Phone Radiation Can It be the Cause of Cancer, Brain Tumors, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's

It is not possible to think of a normal human being surviving without a cell phone. Cell phone has in fact become a vital part of human body. The sight of a person talking aloud without any audience does not raise questions about his sanity. Rather it reflects upon that person’s affluence, because having a cool blue tooth thing is not every one’s forte.

Cell phones have erased distances and according to popular advertisements, have brought people closer. But each new step in the cellular direction is bringing us closer to physical and mental problems. Young and old all shrug their shoulders and roll their eyes when they are told about the harmful effect of cell phones. But closing the eyes is definitely not the solution. Not having a cell phone is like being lost in the jungle in the modern age. So amputation should not be suggested. Nonetheless, the disease can be cured to a certain extent.

There are several harms connected with the usage of cell phone. Research has proved that the electromagnetic radiation emitted from the cell phone can cause headache, sleep disruption, brain tumors, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, altered memory function and several other forms of cancer. 70 to 80% of the energy emitted from the antenna of your cell phone is absorbed in your head. Most headsets concentrate the signal to your brain which increases your risk of cancer.

Janet Raloff writes in Science News Online that scientists reported biological effects in animals triggered by bombardment with energy at power levels and frequencies typical of cell phones.

W. Ross Adey of the University of California, Riverside, for instance, showed that a pregnant rat’s exposure to phone like radiation at any of three power levels alters the activity of an enzyme’s ornithine decarboxylas in the fetuses’ brains.

This enzyme helps create polyamines, which are chemical markers of stress. Surprisingly, Adey noted, the lowest input of radiofrequency energy, 0.16 watts per kilogram of tissue, triggered the biggest changes in polyamine concentration. He speculates that increased enzyme activity, which can foster certain cancers, “may offer an explanation” of tumors that he and his colleagues have observed in rats exposed to radiofrequency energy for long periods.

Added to the problem is the Pakistani invention of missed calls. I asked a teenager that how on earth he guesses what the other person is trying to say by simply a missed call. Asfand replied that at times a missed call means that your friend is around or is not coming to college or has bunked the period and is sitting in cafe. It can also mean that I have to call him or that he is going to call me soon. A missed call can have loads of meanings and you get to know them once you are used to using the cell phone. An average cell phone user in Pakistan gives missed calls to his friends more than ten times in one day. So even when the cell phone is not being used for conversation, the electromagnetic rays keep on harming the brain through these calls.

Following the missed call phenomenon is the craze for sending text messages. On the road, in the corner, in the classroom or in a high official,s conference, one can witness the constant punching of thumbs on the cellular keypad. Mr. Shoaib says that I can never understand the idea of the never ending tick-ticking on phones. It is enough to drive you crazy to see everyone always so distracted. There is also the forward messages syndrome.

Every day one gets a minimum of twenty to thirty messages which tell you the true meaning of friendship, profane, promiscuous or dumb jokes, religious quotes and all the idiotic things possible. There are several pocket books available in market now which give you a handy collection of all types of forward messages.

Whether you are a pervert or a saint, you can get to read and send all the messages you like. And while sending or receiving these innumerable messages, you can also have an inconspicuous rendezvous with electromagnetic radiation. The cell phone is constantly searching for signals while it is on, exposing you to electromagnetic rays if you are next to it. And the vital purpose of messaging crappy stuff keeps the cell phone attached to you all time.

The radio system installed in most of the cell phones is more or less like a contagious disease. But it is a very fashionable and reverently coveted disease. Those who don’t get it are considered less fortunate. In cities and towns alike people listen to the songs being played on the various radio channels. There is no reason behind listening to music on a cell phone. Several thousand types of audio players are available in market.

The effect of a music player’s ear phone is much less harmful than that of a cell phone.

As a nation we have the tendency to adopt unhealthy and irrational life styles. The well beloved mobile culture is seeping in the very core of society. The generation of 2007 looks upon the cell phone as a part of human anatomy. Its usage can no longer be lessened or curtailed.

The best one can do is to avoid its harmful effects to the utmost extent. The best solution would be to use the speak phone. But this is not practical enough because many phone sets do not have a speak phone. Also it cannot be used most of the time you are in company of others. The second solution would be to keep the cell phone as far from your body as possible. The nearer a cell phone is to the head, the more exposed it is to the electromagnetic waves.

Health is of course something more valuable than mere whims and crazes. By not giving missed calls and forward messages, you would run the risk of being called an idiot in your friend’s circles. Still it is worth a try if your life is at stake on the other end of the line.

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