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Wind Mill

Indo Powertech Ltd., the most recent addition to Somani Group, is a company
engaged in the business of power generation using the natural wind power

Somani Group has always encouraged environment friendly activities. There
is an increasing realization that the fossil fuel based power projects
are major cause of emission gases through release of carbon dioxide from
the burning fuel. The industrial age has brought with its high levels
of CO2 PPM, which is a worldwide concern forcing nations to
get together for signing kyoto protocol.

As a leading business house Somani Group believes in role they can play
in this direction will reflect the serious commitments to the environment
and society.

India needs to fill the gap between demand and supply of power. Somani
Group has diversified into Wind Power, the most natural renewable source
of energy, to meet the demands of power.


The group is installing 100 MW Wind Power project in the states of Maharashtra,
Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The project is at the advanced stage of implementation and is expected
to be operational within year 2006.

The group has ambitious plan of entering into turbine manufacturing
and undertaking
O & M activities in the company in 2nd phase of its planning.


Professionally managed company under direct supervision of eminent
Board of Directors.

6, Tilak Marg,
New Delhi 110001
Email:enqui[email protected]
Tel: +91 11 23382592, 23782022, 23387413
Fax: +91 11 23782806 & 23382232

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