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       The Communities We Serve Are Important to us

We have been serving the Charlotte community for more than 30 years. 

Originally RareType Press, new owners took over in 2008 and gave us a new

brand, Allegra Southend, and a fresh approach to the business.  But one thing

that has not changed is our strong commitment to support important social

needs within the Charlotte region.

We offer a significant non profit discount to artistic, social enterprise,

educational and religious organizations in Charlotte/Mecklenburg and surrounding

counties. That includes our good neighbors just down the road in South Carolina.

This enables us to strengthen and support these organizations in a way that helps 

them preserve more of their operating funds for those who need them most.

We are proud to serve some of the most well recognized and prestigious artistic,

educational and social service organizations across the Carolinas.  But, we are perhaps

most proud of our ability to support new artistic and social enterprise entrepreneurs

providing the focus and energy needed to further improve the quality of life

and hope in our shared communities.

Here are just a few of the diverse groups we serve:

The Mint Museum

Culture and Heritage Museums

The Foundation For Tomorrow

Children’s Scholarship Fund – Charlotte

Urban Ministry Center

Church at Charlotte

Let us help you too.  There is much we can do to advance your success.

And, at the same time, help you preserve more funds for those who need

them most.



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